How to Draw a Person

how to draw people

If there is not the chance to have a real life model to pose for you, then there are a number of ways to get into life sketching. Firstly you can decide if it is going to be a male or female that you will sketch, and when you want to know how to draw a person there is a lot of advice to be found. You need to be realistic about your earlier attempts and it may be a good idea not to make it appear as if it is a real person, as getting the trunk and limbs right is one thing, but facial features could end up being a lot more complicated. Set out the head and then try and put all the other parts- trunk and limbs – in proportion. There will be the chance to alter it a little, but the quicker you have a rough outline, the quicker the exact picture will be in place. Remember to draw everything to scale.

Know How To Draw People and How To Draw Hair.

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Once you have found out how to draw people, it should be easy to learn how to draw hair. With the head and body in proportion, the limbs can be added one at a time. It will be best to measure out the first arm and leg that is drawn and make sure that the other is the same length, even if they are not in the same position. Remember that the head should be approximately one seventh of the entire size, so it is important to measure both parts regularly throughout the drawing process. Once the body is completed, the hair can be put on and you need to decide the length and thickness of the hair as well as working out what colour it will be. Use the centre of the face as the starting point and draw a feint line upwards, and this can be the area where the part and hairline will be located. Use gently downward lines and continue this until you have reached the length that you want. The pencil can be used to make the hair appear darker and the more this is done, the thicker the hair is going to appear.

How to Draw a Nose

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As there are so many different types of nose – large small, long or button, it is important that you consider all shapes and sizes when you are working out how to draw a nose. Find the exact centre of the face and set a marker there as this is where the nose will lie. Draw a circle, and then a couple of smaller circles next to it – one on either side. These two smaller circles are going to be the nostrils. Use a thicker pencil to outline the nose and this will give you a nose that is ideal for a cartoon figure. If you want it to be the nose of a person, then the system is a little different. The starting point for this is basically a shape that looks like the base of a tree – broad at the bottom and narrowing as it moves up. Add curves at each side so that it appears that there are handles at the side. Next put a curve underneath the shape you have created and make each end of it thicker and circular so as they become the nostrils. Now you are ready to move onto the next part of the face.

Learning How to Draw Lips.

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Mouths and lips can be very different in appearance and you may need to learn how to draw lips of varying shapes and sizes. It may be best to practice by drawing your own lips and you can do this by using a hand mirror. You can begin by looking at the shape of your top lip and draw a light outline of it. Try to make sure that there are no strong hard lines, and ensure that the dip in the middle of mouth is emphasised enough but not too deep. Next, join the two ends of the upper lip with the bottom lip, and you will have a full mouth, but not as yet individual lips. Next a line must go across the middle therefore separating the lips and the last stage is to add lines to both lips to give a totally realistic look.

How to draw an eye and then How to Draw Eyes.

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Eyes come in all shapes and sizes and it is important to draw the right type of eye for the face that you are drawing. Finding out how to draw an eye will soon mean that regardless of the shape of the eyes or nationality of the person, knowing how to draw eyes is not going to be a problem. Begin with the outline and if you are not sure you need a certain type, you can practice by drawing your own eye. Have a light touch so that anything you are not happy about can be rubbed out. Make sure that the pupil is clear and definitely darker than the rest of the eye, and a few layers should get the result you want. The iris should be smooth so use a soft pencil, so it will be possible to blend the colour a little and to make the iris detailed, add a few scribbled marks and make them varying lengths as with the real eye. Slightly colour the white of the eye and don't forget to shade it, before moving on to the tear duct. Adding a highlighted are will make it appear that there is a little moisture there. Lines need to be added to make the eyelids defined. The final step is going to be the eyelashes and the ones at the top of the eye have to curl up. Draw the line upwards and then curve the lower lash down as well. This one will be much shorter than the upper one and if you draw it too long it can be made shorter or the look will not appear to be natural.

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